Sunday, February 26, 2012

Essie nailpolish review update

Update! : Its chipping already! My ELF polishes never chip after a day! What a lousy polish :(

I have tried the Essie Nail polish I received in my Goodiebox. I was pretty exited as Essie is one of the more expensive brands (hey I'm a poor lass) which I never purchased before due to their pricing. I was lucky enough to receive a color that suited me, Peach daiquiri. Again I'm sorry about my nails and hands - I ran out of my glycerin based hand cream and my light coconut one just doesn't cut it for winter.

I used Mavala barrier base as base coat (my nails are very weak) and Mavala colorfix as topcoat. I used two layers of nail polish.

The polish was quite liquid but spread evenly on the nail. It was easy to put on even for a clumsy one like me. The color is rich, orange with a pinkish hue that reminds me of old movie starlets. It dries quickly as well! However it makes an odd air bubble as it dries...  It is quite annoying and ruins the nice even coat.

All in all ill probably use it again but I wont repurchase Essie. Its not really worth the price when you can get a nice non-bubbly nail polish much cheaper

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February Goodiebox

Many of you already know this concept. Its like Birchbox and Glossybox just for Danes! I was exited when I learned about this,  hoping it wouldn't be a box of pharmacy sized samples from unknown brands. My doubts was put to shame, and I'm defiantly going to continue to get Goodiebox each and every month! The price is all right as well - 119dkr including shipping. That's approx 13£ or 20$

Without further delays, let me present my Goodiebox! Ill keep posting about the products as I try them out :D

A white box with purple string. Purple is my favorite color, so this just added to the joy! Even my cat was curios lol

Black paper and the logo - Classy! 

And here we are - its like Christmas! 

Weleda Havtorn (sea buck thorn) hand lotion

Essie nail polish (full size!) in Peach Daiquiri. It is from a line that's apparently not yet released in Denmark. Regardless, the color is right up my alley! Looking forward to find out what the fuzz is about

Max factor 2000 calories mascara - full size! 

Moringa Body butter from Body shop - Mmmm! This is such a treat to my skin after the winter!

Nutriganics smoothing Serum sample from the Body shop - Small one-time sample but still nice

And a little extra, Chocolate covered Liquorice almonds!

All in all im extremely pleasently surprised! If they keep this up, they will have a regular costumer for years!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

More Swatches

Hope you'll find them useful :)

ELF Studio eyeliner/shadow stick Green/Moss
I like the color, its a nice green with gold shimmer

ELF cream blush Vixen
 More purple/plum in real life, I think its great for darker skin tones and for the more dramatic makeup

Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint pink pop
An odd mix between a lip balm and a lipstick. It feels nice on the lips but got a bit of "pharmacy" scent. It feels a bit like a lip balm that doesnt get absorbed. It takes a bit getting used to but as an everyday "lipstick" its ideal

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine part 2

As promised, swatches from the ELF Valentine gift :) Sorry about the pics looking kinda weird, my camera and I didn't cooperate. I couldnt catch the color of the eyeliner, but it was like a brownish grey.

Duo powder eyeshadow, black licorice 
The black is very dusty, it kinda reminds me of the coal like dust my friend once brought me from Bali, apart from the silver shimmer of course. Its ideal for smoky eyes! The silver is very metallic, I never before seen a powder silver who actually seemed like silver on the skin

Luscious Liquid Lipstick, Ruby slippers
There isnt much Ruby slippers" about this one im affraid. When something is named "Ruby slippers" one expect a strong red color with glitter, but alas no. The color is more of a blushy pink and its a bit sticky. Its more like a cheap lipgloss than a liquid lipstick. Im never going to be a fan of the tripple L in general and this one was a big let down  

ELF nail polish, Medium red
That's a nail polish worthy of Marylin Monroe! Strong color in that classic sexy tone! Extremely easy to apply!
Apologies for my fingers look - the recent frosty windy days haven't been kind to my hands at all

Studio Cream Blush seductress
Theres a reason I love the creamblushes - they are easy to apply and turns into a nice powdery finish on the skin wich enchance the natural look. The color is red-red but fades in a way that makes it turn slighty pink. Its very close to my natural blush, so its probably going to be my everyday blush from now on

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Today my postman finally delivered my ELF valentines package. I haven't swatched yet, but ill do so later tonight! I was so lucky that I got things that I had on my wish list already! The Valentines was from the adorable cutie Gareth, and needless to say Its the best (well and first) Valentines "card" I ever gotten!

Lets open it shall we? 

Wow! How sweet is that! Rose petals!

 Luscious Liquid Lipstick, Ruby slippers

Brightening eyeliner in ash - I cant wait to try it out! 

Cream blush!!! I already have Heartbreaker and Vixen, and Seductress is defiantly the best gift of the lot! 

No look it complete without some chic nail polish

Duo powder eyeshadow in Black licorice. Smoky eyes anyone??

And a little sweet <3

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Adele, the Soul diva practically cleared the Grammy´s, winning again and again. A few days before, Karl Lagerfield from the designerbrand Chanel was qouted for calling her fat. He later corrected the statement and assured hes a huge fan and find her beautyfull.

Regardless, Mr Lagerfields comment did raise huge media attention as well as discussions across the web; Is Adele fat?

In my opinion: It depends on what meaning you put in the word fat. Is fat=gross then no. If its clinically in the BMI "red zone" then yes. In either way I think shes really amazing. Shes a prime example for all big girls to love their curves and to dress for their body. Highlight the assets and shine!

She shined with Marylin Monroe-esque hairstyle and a elegant black dress that made an amazing silhouette at the Grammys.

Monday, February 13, 2012


I adore Igigi. They are by far the best brand of plus size wear in the world! This dress is names Cleo and I'm sorry girls, its sold out. You can still get its sister Milla tough. I bought this dress a size to big, which is not something I will recommend anyone to do! I still need to stitch it in a bit, but I like a loose fit so its not to bad, but rule of thumb is to buy smaller from Igigi, never bigger.

Its made from stretchy Poly/Elastane and flowing Chiffon. The sleeves are so wide and flowy, which suits my style perfectly! I love big sleeves and I love bright colors! I was a bit skeptic about the fit. I usually don't buy dresses in this cut, but I took a chance and what ya know it suits me! I prefer it with the belt! 

The belt is from Ebay and made from lamb leather. The seller got tons of these in varios colors and lenghts: VIKTOR SABO

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Me, My e.l.f. and I: Elf's Friday Favourites! Studio blush and Minty Gl...

Hurry up and partake in the contest!

Me, My e.l.f. and I: Elf's Friday Favourites! Studio blush and Minty Gl...: We just wanted to thank everyone who has followed our blog! We've almost reached 500 followers! We hope that you have found our blog helpful...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Head and Shoulders to the rescue!

Its winter, its cold and my poor hair, despite usually being pretty robust, have been getting pretty dry because of the salt and cold. To make matters worse, my scalp is dry and itchy due to psoriasis and that leaves one unhappy hair. Fortunately, rescue wasn't far away!

Head&Shoulders cool menthol shampoo
What can I say? Its cool and refreshing while calming My scalp. It foams a lot which makes it easier to massage into the hair - even with thick hair as I have! Usually these kind of anti-dandruff things gives me an itchy scalp but not this time. The day after my psoriasis had become a lot better and now that i used it for a few weeks, it´s allmost gone!

Head&Shoulders Damage Rescue conditioner
A real fat and delish conditioner! I massaged it in, from root to tip and let it sit as I washed my body. The difference was showing from I dried my hair, and the day after it was wavy with new energy! Its soft and shiny,
 I cant stop touching it, its THAT soft baby!
 Seriously, best conditioner EVER!

Friday, February 10, 2012

ELF Contest!

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My name is Sandy and im 24 years old, living in Denmark! I live in an apartment with my hubby and our 4 cats. I love clothes, makeup and fashion altough its hard to find cool clothes in my size. My selfesteem been in the bucket for years and I used to over-eat. I decided it was time to follow my own advice´s, Beauty comes from within and not from the weight and thus I threw our my scale! Im worth more than what a bathroomscale says! 
 The goal is to have my selfworth from the inside, and to manage that im getting a little help from the outside ;)
You may refer to me as fashion-newbie, and during the course of this blog ill share the things I buy, I find or dream about. Ill show you when I find something neat and share my road to a reflection that fits my mind *Que Mulan theme here* You wont find diets or thinspiration here, but dont think its a blog about gloryfying fat either. Its about me being a regular girl who got exstra pounds and want to share in the world of fashion blogging