Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Adele, the Soul diva practically cleared the Grammy´s, winning again and again. A few days before, Karl Lagerfield from the designerbrand Chanel was qouted for calling her fat. He later corrected the statement and assured hes a huge fan and find her beautyfull.

Regardless, Mr Lagerfields comment did raise huge media attention as well as discussions across the web; Is Adele fat?

In my opinion: It depends on what meaning you put in the word fat. Is fat=gross then no. If its clinically in the BMI "red zone" then yes. In either way I think shes really amazing. Shes a prime example for all big girls to love their curves and to dress for their body. Highlight the assets and shine!

She shined with Marylin Monroe-esque hairstyle and a elegant black dress that made an amazing silhouette at the Grammys.

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