Saturday, February 11, 2012

Head and Shoulders to the rescue!

Its winter, its cold and my poor hair, despite usually being pretty robust, have been getting pretty dry because of the salt and cold. To make matters worse, my scalp is dry and itchy due to psoriasis and that leaves one unhappy hair. Fortunately, rescue wasn't far away!

Head&Shoulders cool menthol shampoo
What can I say? Its cool and refreshing while calming My scalp. It foams a lot which makes it easier to massage into the hair - even with thick hair as I have! Usually these kind of anti-dandruff things gives me an itchy scalp but not this time. The day after my psoriasis had become a lot better and now that i used it for a few weeks, it´s allmost gone!

Head&Shoulders Damage Rescue conditioner
A real fat and delish conditioner! I massaged it in, from root to tip and let it sit as I washed my body. The difference was showing from I dried my hair, and the day after it was wavy with new energy! Its soft and shiny,
 I cant stop touching it, its THAT soft baby!
 Seriously, best conditioner EVER!

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