Sunday, February 26, 2012

Essie nailpolish review update

Update! : Its chipping already! My ELF polishes never chip after a day! What a lousy polish :(

I have tried the Essie Nail polish I received in my Goodiebox. I was pretty exited as Essie is one of the more expensive brands (hey I'm a poor lass) which I never purchased before due to their pricing. I was lucky enough to receive a color that suited me, Peach daiquiri. Again I'm sorry about my nails and hands - I ran out of my glycerin based hand cream and my light coconut one just doesn't cut it for winter.

I used Mavala barrier base as base coat (my nails are very weak) and Mavala colorfix as topcoat. I used two layers of nail polish.

The polish was quite liquid but spread evenly on the nail. It was easy to put on even for a clumsy one like me. The color is rich, orange with a pinkish hue that reminds me of old movie starlets. It dries quickly as well! However it makes an odd air bubble as it dries...  It is quite annoying and ruins the nice even coat.

All in all ill probably use it again but I wont repurchase Essie. Its not really worth the price when you can get a nice non-bubbly nail polish much cheaper

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