Saturday, April 28, 2012

Igigi Rita Vintage dress

I just ordered a dress perfect for spring from Igigi! The Rita is an adoreble vintage dress that got that Pin Up flair I love! Red is my color indeed and the chiffon skirt is amazing! I cant wait for it to arrive. Now only to get my hands on some matching red shoes yes?

The price is 132$ plus shipping, and its a gift from my dear hubby! I also had a coupon for 15% off, that helped a lot!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

New jewelry!

I got a pair of earrings and a necklace today! I bought them from Mosisha on Ebay

These butterfly earrings in pink was only 1.89$ with shipping

The air balloon - which is cute in these childish pastels - was only 2.49$ with shipping 

How these stores can afford free shipping I never know 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Goodiebox March part 2

And here's a little update as to my experience with the products :)

Pukka Raidance Serum
It got a strong scent of... Herbs? It kinda remind me of my stinging nettle shampoo. The serum is quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves it very smooth. I wouldn't use it during daytime due to the scent, but its perfect for use at night under your night cream 

Aco sense & care hand creme
Very thick texture, absorbed fast and leaves hands smooth. Its not an amazing hand creme, but its fine for hands with need of a little extra moisture

Pukka tea - "Harmonise" and "Cleance"
Its pretty good tea, especially cleanse. I'm a sucker for green teas with peppermint

Blax Hair elastics
Best-elastic-bands-ever! I cant believe how good they are! They keep my thick hair gathered without the tight-bun look, they don't slip down easily but when you need to take them out, they slide off without hassle! I need more of these!

Kevin Murphy Luxury Wash
Contrary to what I thought, this is VERY thick! The texture reminded me of well made caramel sauce, thick, sticky and shiny. There was enough for 2 washes in this! It creates loads of foam instantly which makes it a breeze to work with. There my praise ends tough. To my deep disappointment, the shampoo didn't do anything but make my hair clean. My hair had no extra volume, smoothness, shine or anything after use. It did nothing, neither good or bad

Friday, April 13, 2012

March Goodiebox

Goodiebox is the danish equivalent to Glossybox and Birchbox
EDC means Endoctrine disrupting chemicals. Group 1 is the 17 EDC who is proven to be harmfully to humans and the environment.

This months box has been VERY delayed. It only started being delivered Wednesday which is a bit of a downer. However the promise of 13 things in the box eased the impatience, as well as they added Uffe Buchhard, a guy who apparently is very "in" and expert in beauty and fashion. Sounds promising.

Nice white box with ribbon as always - neat!

The kitty is curious as always!

Kevin Murphy Luxury Wash
According to KM´s website, this is sulfate and paraphen free shampoo, but I cant find any online lists of the ingredients. Skimming the back of the bottle revealed none of the 17 EDC on the European unions group 1. I am however always skeptic when someone don't publish their ingredients on their website. There is cocoa, shea butter and a lot of other oils in it, which is good for thick hair like mine. The bottle is small (40ml) and a very stupid shape. I will need to cut it open to get everything and with my thick hair theres barely enough for one wash. It got a spicy scent of cocoa and seems very liquid

Pukka nourishing face oil
Again its organic, and damn its filled with all sorts of stuff! Every seed oil you can imagine, from hemp to sesame to pomegranate is in this thing! I wish I could have gotten this in travel size and the serum in sample. Oh well.

Pukka tea - "Harmonise" and "Cleance"
Three tea packages... I don't know, I find it very odd to have something like that in a beauty box

Blax Hair elastics
The infamous elastic bands that Hollywood go nuts over (apparently - never heard of them). I'm not all that sure about how good they are to my hair, but time will tell

Aco sense & care hand creme
Hand creme with Canola oil, Q10 and other nourishing ingredients. It does however contains Propylparaben  and Methylparabe wich is in the EDC group 1. NOT GOOD!  

OH MY GOSH nail polish in chestnut
Not much to say here, I'm not a huge fan of nude colors.

Pukka Raidance Serum
This is pretty neat. Its a serum to use prior to face cream. Its ecological, without paraphens and synthetic chemicals. Its filled to the brim with neat things such as Aloe vera, Honey, Honeysuckle flower extract, chamomile and things like that. 

Veet suprem´essence wax strips
I tried Veet once before, with the result that I had more wax on my legs than hairs on the strip. Maybe these are better?

And three eastereggs. Yum yum!

All in all I'm not as disappointed as I was first opening it but I'm still not as exited as I was with the previous. I miss some makeup products! They'll get another chance tough (And Pukka should consider ditching the drugstore look) as I know this time was hectic and google showed that the items where a tad more glamorous than they seem

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter

Hope everyone had a delight full Easter! Sorry about the lack of updates but my camera decided to go on strike and only work during daylight. Instead enjoy some nice kitty pictures ^^

Cica, our red girl enjoying a nap

Sif, sleeping with her head down

Ozzy, our big boy cuddling with his teddy XD