About Me

Want to get a hold on me? send me an email: fatandfab@hotmail.com

My name is Sandra but just call me Sandy. Or Boggart. Or Octoman. Whatever you think suits me ;)
I was born August 12 and is 25 years old
I live in Denmark with my husband and our 4 cats
My star sign is Leo, and that fits me perfectly
I love people who dare stand out and make a difference
My favorite activity is reading, and I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter
My favorite color is purple, which is also the color I wore on my first date with my hubby
My motto is "Weird people have more fun"
I prefer gold jewelry, as I find silver to be a "cold" metal
I'm messy and always loose stuff. I tend to forget what I'm doing in the middle of a sentence. My mom called this trait "Professor absent minded"
My biggest vice must be cola. I'm a colaholic
I don't use makeup everyday but have a large collection despite that
My favorite band is Queen
I want to see Disney World some day
I'm extremely scared of spiders
I use a small EU size 40 in shoes
When I was little I remember that I loved dressing up in pink dresses with frills
When my mom explained to me that war meant two countries was fighting I asked why they didn't just sit down and talk about it with some hot cocoa and make up
I refused to wear anything modern as a teen. If something I owned became modern I wouldn't wear it anymore no matter how much I liked it before
My style has been described as "Boho-Hippie-Princess-Goth"
If I had to live somewhere else it would be in Paris
My most beloved possessions is a leather belt my brother made for me in 7th grade, a cross my grandmother gave me and an antique Santa from my dad
My hair is dark brown and I got natural curls
I once had the same hairdo as Padawans in Star Wars
My favorite animal is cats
I dream about owning a walk-in closet
When I first hit puberty my school nurse worried I may have an eating disorder because I was underweight
I use a US size 24

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