Monday, February 13, 2012


I adore Igigi. They are by far the best brand of plus size wear in the world! This dress is names Cleo and I'm sorry girls, its sold out. You can still get its sister Milla tough. I bought this dress a size to big, which is not something I will recommend anyone to do! I still need to stitch it in a bit, but I like a loose fit so its not to bad, but rule of thumb is to buy smaller from Igigi, never bigger.

Its made from stretchy Poly/Elastane and flowing Chiffon. The sleeves are so wide and flowy, which suits my style perfectly! I love big sleeves and I love bright colors! I was a bit skeptic about the fit. I usually don't buy dresses in this cut, but I took a chance and what ya know it suits me! I prefer it with the belt! 

The belt is from Ebay and made from lamb leather. The seller got tons of these in varios colors and lenghts: VIKTOR SABO

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