Friday, February 10, 2012


My name is Sandy and im 24 years old, living in Denmark! I live in an apartment with my hubby and our 4 cats. I love clothes, makeup and fashion altough its hard to find cool clothes in my size. My selfesteem been in the bucket for years and I used to over-eat. I decided it was time to follow my own advice´s, Beauty comes from within and not from the weight and thus I threw our my scale! Im worth more than what a bathroomscale says! 
 The goal is to have my selfworth from the inside, and to manage that im getting a little help from the outside ;)
You may refer to me as fashion-newbie, and during the course of this blog ill share the things I buy, I find or dream about. Ill show you when I find something neat and share my road to a reflection that fits my mind *Que Mulan theme here* You wont find diets or thinspiration here, but dont think its a blog about gloryfying fat either. Its about me being a regular girl who got exstra pounds and want to share in the world of fashion blogging

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