Friday, October 19, 2012

My Beauty Box

I signed up for the new beauty box to compete with Goodiebox because of the promise of more makeup and brands like Stila and Urban Decay. I was NOT disappointed! Bear in mind that MBB intend to sell the products in their own web shop (opening next week) so that is why there is no retail price or link to purchase. If you want to sign up you can do it HERE for only 129 a month

Pink. It is PINK! How fucking cute is this!?? 

Black box, very sturdy and very elegant. This is going to be reused!

Pink silk paper! So awesome! The theme of this box is "Everyday Glam"

Sally Hansen Soothing Hand Scrub
Part one of the "Two-Step Renewal System for Hands". The system got a lot of neat things in it like olive oil, almond oil and keratin. Use the scrub first to remove dry skin and culitles

Sally Hansen Brightening & Firming Hand Cream
Part 2 of  "Two-Step Renewal System for Hands". This smells like coconut! Mmmm coconut! Apply after scrub to add moisture. The cream got UV factor 20, so it also protects from the sun - clever!

Urban Decay Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint, Indecent
I love Urban Decay. The purple theme, the urban look. Not to mention they are behind the famous Naked palette!

Mirror is always a nice touch. The color is peachy in the J-Lo way. It contains vitamin E, C and A so your skin gets nurtured while you look fab! It is very creamy, easy to apply and it takes nothing more than a finger to use

With flash - it got a nice subtle highlight

Without flash - this color will work for most as it is easy to build up to stronger color depending on your skin tone

W7 Mega Matte Lips
I THINK this in the color coral but I'm not sure. This product isn't quite  a gloss and not quite a liquid lipstick. It´s smoother than liquid lipstick and a lot more pigmented than gloss. It glides on easy but I recommend using a lip brush to smooth it out


Stila Glaze Lip Liner, Melon
Stila is a great brand in my opinion. This liner is no exception, the color is lush and easy to apply

Nothing exceptional about the design but it do what its suppose to and it do it well

Pro-tip: Color your entire lip with liner and dap powder on them before applying lip stick. It helps the lipstick last longer

Fun Fact of the Day:  Redheads on average has around 90.000 hair strands while dark hair can have as many as 110.000. Those with most hair is blonde's with a whopping 140.000

Thursday, October 18, 2012

September Goodiebox

Yes yes I know - VERY late review, I do hope you don't mind to much tough. I'm expecting to blog a lot more now that I got a new and awesome phone with an awesome camera and a nice little "light box" to use for pictures. All I need now is some lights to help it, but all in time. I still haven't received my order from the Models Own sale, but as soon as it arrives ill of course show off my purchases.

Goodiebox is a danish equivalent of BirchBox and Glossybox
EDC means Endoctrine disrupting chemicals. The ingredients in red is EDC´s from the EU list of 17 that has been proven harmfull

This months theme is Rock It Up, inspired by the one and only Lady Gaga who recently performed in Copenhagen.

All together!  

Diesel, Loveoverdose perfume
The perfume is described as a fresh and fruity scent with notes of orange flowers and liquorice. I do like the full size flagon, very girly! I cant tell if its good or not since of allergies
Retail is 275Dkr, get it HERE

David Beckham, The Essence por homme perfume
In my opinion 99,9% of perfumes for men stink. You better make your own opinions on this XD
Retail is 230Dkr, get it HERE

Oriflame Beauty Eyeliner Stylo
To me, Oriflame is equal to old ladies that don't know quality and just need something to smear on the face twice a year when there is a party - Cheap and bad quality. No offense to anyone but that's how I perceived it, so I was pretty curios to if they changed since my mom would receive her monthly packages back in 1990ies. Well... This stinks. Literally. Like benzine or turpentine or something like that. YUCK! That went straight to the garbage can.
It also contains  methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben 
Retail is 110Dkr (wheres the days where Oriflame was cheap??), get it HERE

Oriflame Beauty Eyebrow Kit
After the disaster of the eyeliner I was less than positive when opening this one. Luckily this isn't so bad. It´s not amazing but it does what its suppose to. A good beginners kit i´d say. Decent pigment and the wax is easy to use as well.
Retail is 69Dkr, Get it HERE

Nutrilett Hunger Control Bar
A diet bar in a beautybox. Good grief. Like the diet supplement in the previous box, this just rubs me the wrong way. I also dislike these things in general. Eat a fucking apple if you need a healthy snack, not some mineral added candy bar. They claim it can be eaten instead of breakfast and just to be clear: Then you fuck up your body. The breakfast needs a lot more to keep you going till lunch. It is body physics 101: To keep the engine running to burn off calories, you need to eat 3 main meals and 3 snacks a day. That way you keep your sugar level steady and your burner burning. 
Retail is 19,95Dkr and you can get it here HERE

Lóreal Proffessionel Abondance De Cacao Shampoo
I LOVE chocolate and incidently cacao! You can practically sell me any product as long as it contains chocolate lol. The shampoo is designed specifically for fine Scandinavian hair - which I don't have. Oh well maybe it will do something nice for my hair to. What I love about this is that its PARABEN FREE and no silicone either! The bottle got this nice rough "natural" feel about it
Retail is 118Dkr but Nicehair has it for only 98Dkr. Get it HERE

Orofluido Elixir
Dye my hair pink and call me Lucy! WOW!!! What a gem to receive! I heard nothing but praise to this hair-oil-that-isn't-quite-a-hair-oil. There is something about this that makes me feel like I'm sucked into Arabian nights. The color, the logo, the bottle. Like I'm a princess getting pampered. 

Ad to dry or damp hair, lenght and tips not scalp! Its filled with good stuff like argan, cyprus and lin oil. It also contains perfume but I hope I can use it anyway. unfortunately it also contains Cyclotetrasiloxane ::( Bummer! 
Retail is 129Dkr but Nicehair got it for 77,40Dkr. Get it HERE

Max Factor Face Finity 3-in-one All Day Flawless Foundation
Primer, concealer and foundation in one. I'm all for products with more than one use! They got 5 shades available and its paraben free
Retail is 149Dkr, Get it HERE

Fun Fact of the Day: Artistic nail art is not a modern invention. The Incas painted eagles on their nails

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Dita Von Teese by Art Deco

Beautybay has launched Dita Von Teese´s makeup collection by Art Deco. I must say the prices are very reasonable and the best part is the Beauty Box Quadrat in which you can mix and match the eye shadows! I'm going to add this to my wish list for sure! Check it out on the WEBSITE

I discussed this line in THIS blog post earlier this year

An item is Vintage if it dates back to 1920-1960. Anything after this is Retro

Friday, October 05, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness - Makeup Must Haves

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Show your support, help a good cause and look fabulous at the same time, whats not to like? Today I'm going to show some of the makeup available to support this campaign

Bobbi Brown Pink Peony set
this is a nice set of a face blender brush (mini) and BB´s own Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Pink Peony. Said to give a natural glow using micro pearls. Its a very cute color, and suit most. Get it HERE
Retail is 35£

Nails inc. Pinky Pink Nail polish
Sparkly and pink. Just what any girl needs! Get it HERE
Retail is 91,10Dkr

Essie Future Dreams Nail polish
Pale pink, suitable for any occasion. I really like this shade! Get it HERE
Retail is 76,76Dkr

Estee Lauder Art of Lips Chic Pink Set
Estee Lauder actually launched an entire collection named Evelyn Lauder Dream Collection! You can see the entire range on their WEBSITE - there is a ton of amazing stuff!
What I like about this set is the colors- Obviously. I love pink and orange together! The lipstick is very pretty and the double ended lip gloss is begging to be in a purse, while the lip liner is a sure winner to keep makeup in place! 
Retail is 30£

Fake Bake Special Edition Tanning Set
Includes a Babe Tools lip gloss, Flawless Self Tanner and a Tinted Body Glow. You ll save 15£ buying the set compared to the items price separately! Buy it HERE
Retail is 26,95£

E.l.f Pucker Up Pink Duo
E.l.f is selling this delightful duo of tinted lip balm with SPF 15 and the Nourishing 2-in-1 lip gloss! The gloss is filled with aloe vera, vitamin E and sheabutter! The lip tint is equally neat as we need to protect our lips from the sun even in the winter. I'm getting this! Get it HERE
Retail is 69Dkr

If you are aware of any other Makeup brands supporting, please let me know! 

Fun Fact of the Day: False Eyelashes was invented in 1916 when a producer required a way to enhance the actress eyes in the movie he was working on

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Wednesday Wishing well

Every Wednesday ill blog about something I wish for. Something I cant buy right away or maybe ever, things that may be to expensive or to hard to get my hands on. And now presenting this weeks wish!   

Sephora Hello Kitty Wild Things Brush Set
Exclusive to Sephora, Hello Kitty has a whole new range of cosmetic and beauty. It is available in US and on the US site, I do not know if the stores around the world will carry this... I hope they will tough! Metal case in black and grey gives a sharp edge to the otherwise adorable Kitty. 
Retail is 49$

Fun Fact of the Day: There is over 50.000 different products with Hello Kitty

Monday, October 01, 2012

Breast Cancer awareness Month!

Its that time of year again where we support our sisters who suffered from cancer. An added bonus is the tons of great products supporting! Ill make a special page to put all the cancer related stuff, so you don't have to look to find it, as well as blog posts.

First, Kræftens Bekæmpelse is having "Lyserød Lørdag" (Pink Saturday) on October 6th. Make sure to check your local newspaper for events! 

Kræftens Bekæmpelse was founded in 1928, but got roots in the 1904 "Ordinary Danish Doctor Association Cancer Committee" and the related Radium foundation that gathered money so they could make radium stations for cancer patients to be treated.  KB does not only fight to treat cancer and spread awareness but is also deep in the scientific field. Since 1949 an institute for cancer research has been located in Copenhagen. The institute is considered among the worlds finest and is home to one of the largest collection of cell material in the world. It was also this institute that finally found a vaccine for cervical cancer (the one caused by virus), the so called HPV vaccine. 

As all ways several stores is supporting the cause by offering special pink merchandise. Today ill show some of my favorites from Kræftens Bekæmpelse´s webshop 

Crossover bag
Small and practical - not to mention cute - bag with two front pockets. The material got a leather look and the inside is pink
Retail is 139Dkr

Cotton Scarf in Pink
Adorable wool scarf, sure to be a hit int he fall
Retail is 99Dkr

Cosmetic bag
It is pink, what else to say? I love cosmetic bags with some flashy color!
Retail is 149Dkr

Bracelet pack
Feminine but a little rough. Me like!
Retail is 140dkr

Wing Earrings
Black metal with simile. Again some roughness which I really like
Retail is 89Dkr

Embroided pillowcases
Cotton, and super cute vintage like embroidery! I would love to have these on my couch. The price is for both
Retail is 149dkr

Fun Fact of the Day: Maybelinne is named after the founder´s sister Mabel Williams