Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Esprique precios liquid eyecolor

I purchased this liquid eyeshadow on Ebay. Its Esprique by Beaute de Kose. I was very happy to win the bid as I seen this on a few blogs, and the flagon is just divine. Very princess like

The package is like any other, with tons of things written that i don't understand ha ha

So fine isn't it? The flagon is plastic but sturdy plastic ill give them that

The applicant brush is a very typical one, like the ones from lip gloss

The color is a very nice metallic purplish blue, depending on the light. Its easy to put on and can be smudged with a finger if needed. I got no allergic reaction from it

All in all a very good buy which I'm looking forward to use :D

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Shoppingtrip, accessories

Went shopping with a friend in the delightfully sunny spring weather yesterday! As I left my town to head for hers, I left grey clouds and drove into sunshine! When I returned later that evening it was cloudy and foggy at home. We enjoyed an ice cream in the mall and later shared a ham pizza at an Italian restaurant while discussing Anne Rice. Certainly a wonderful day to spend in company.

I bought a shirt and a cardigan, but no pics of those yet I'm afraid. Instead I have the other stuff I bought :D

Dead sea mud shampoo from "Tiger" - a store that sells things cheap for 10dkr, 20dkr, 50dkr or 100dkr (most for 10 and 20). This is pure liquid magic for my scalp!

Orange tea in a tin from Tiger

And a pretty nail polish from Tiger

Set of 3 necklace´s from H&M. I love gold mixed with rocks!

And the Babushka is so adorable!

I also got a hairpin/brooch in pleather in H&M

That's all from me today, hope you all enjoy a sunny funny day! Don't be a scaredy like Peppernoose!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Body Shop moringa body butter

I finally been able to try the new bodybutter. I had to wait till my skin cleared up after some dry-due-to-frost damage but its all fine now. I got the Body butter in my Goodiebox (Goodiebox is the danish equivlant to Birchbox and Glossybox) in a nice 50ml size. The ingredients seems very good, a lot of oils, shea butter and glycerine. You can read the whole ingredients list here: HERE 
It doesnt seem to contain any of the endocrine disrupting pharaphens from the EU list 1 either. That is good since Body Shop got critisized for still using these pharabhens recently but they say they are phasing them out. I dont think there´s perfume in it either. The Body Shop is against animal testing as well. Thumbs up! 

The Moringa body butter got a pleasent scent of flower. It doesnt seem artificial but rather a natural smell. Not overwhelming, discreet and very nice

Ironically, the body butter has texture as butter! It looks and feels like butter that was left on the counter lol. Thats pretty funny. Its easy to administer and a little goes a long way. I got no allergic reaction from it, only a soft skin! I reccomend using a bit more than you need, and use the remainder on your hands!

Im positive that ill purchase this product when I empty this one. The scent makes me feel nostalgic and the quality is good enough for me to spend 150dkr on a 200ml fullsize

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Skin79 Star glow powder

I love everything in pearl shape, so naturally Skin79´s Star glow ball powder was a must-see item for me. The pearls where intact after shipping, so I can give a proper review yay!

The pink lid is cute I think, and the box´s light pink and white dots a nice touch

Click on the pic to see it bigger

Sweet puff, gives a princess feel

The pearls. The puff is virtually unusable but use a brush and the pearls gives a subtle shimmer. Its perfect as party highlighter and for the cleavage. There is one big problem tough; The smell. It got a strong soap scent that doesn't fade. I'm very sensitive when it comes to scents so I will not be able to use it. Maybe ill try ad a bit essential oil to it, to dampen the soap scent. If you don't mind the soapy smell, then its an all right product

I purchased it from Roseparkshop on eBay for 15.98$ 

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Upcicling Goodiebox

Its a waste just to throw a sturdy box out, instead I made it into a pretty makeup storage.

You need your Goodiebox, glue and silver paper for crafts.

In retrospect I should have glued the silver on first, then the black.

Step one
Take your Goodiebox and empty it. Keep the materials close

Step two
Glue the bottom and sides throughout, remember to make sure that the edges are well glued

Step 3
Glue the silkpaper to the inside. Be carefull it so doesnt rip

Step four
Cut off the extra paper. Use it to cover any rips you may have made.

Now you should have something like this: 

Step five
Get your glue, brush and silverpaper

Start with the edges. Use the glue and brush to bend the silkpaper so you get a smooth edge to apply the silver to

Step six
Keep going till you covered all edges, then start on the sides.If you want the same finish as me, then apply the silverleafs loosely and use the brush a bit harsher so the silver rips. If not, then apply carefully with soft strokes

Step seven
Put the logo on the side. Take 3-4 strands of the shredded paper and stretch them. Glue carefully to the sides evenly.

And now you got yourself a pretty storage for your makeup :)

Mavala spring 2012 has announced that they will launch the new Delicious Colors line from Mavala in the next weeks time. They will be cheap to, merely 3.99£ a piece! Needless to say I'm exited- I want ALL the colors! They remind me of cupcake frosting mmm!