Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine part 2

As promised, swatches from the ELF Valentine gift :) Sorry about the pics looking kinda weird, my camera and I didn't cooperate. I couldnt catch the color of the eyeliner, but it was like a brownish grey.

Duo powder eyeshadow, black licorice 
The black is very dusty, it kinda reminds me of the coal like dust my friend once brought me from Bali, apart from the silver shimmer of course. Its ideal for smoky eyes! The silver is very metallic, I never before seen a powder silver who actually seemed like silver on the skin

Luscious Liquid Lipstick, Ruby slippers
There isnt much Ruby slippers" about this one im affraid. When something is named "Ruby slippers" one expect a strong red color with glitter, but alas no. The color is more of a blushy pink and its a bit sticky. Its more like a cheap lipgloss than a liquid lipstick. Im never going to be a fan of the tripple L in general and this one was a big let down  

ELF nail polish, Medium red
That's a nail polish worthy of Marylin Monroe! Strong color in that classic sexy tone! Extremely easy to apply!
Apologies for my fingers look - the recent frosty windy days haven't been kind to my hands at all

Studio Cream Blush seductress
Theres a reason I love the creamblushes - they are easy to apply and turns into a nice powdery finish on the skin wich enchance the natural look. The color is red-red but fades in a way that makes it turn slighty pink. Its very close to my natural blush, so its probably going to be my everyday blush from now on

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