Thursday, July 19, 2012

July Goodiebox

Goodiebox is the danish equivalent to Glossybox and Birchbox
EDC means Endoctrine disrupting chemicals. 

So, I was very disappointed with the previous Goodiebox (May) and I never got around to review it since I was suffering from severe hay fever. Never the less I was less than impressed with how things was handled, how late the boxes where shipped and so forth. I had decided not to order the next box. 

A few days ago I received a notice from the delivery firm that I had a package waiting from Goodiebox. I was of course surprised, checked my account - sure enough the money was drawn and my profile said they charged from my mastercard now (I used paypal, which meant that id have to order each box separately). I figured I paid, might as well check it out- and I'm awed! This box is fucking amazing!

This months box is dedicated to Coco Chanels mantra: Believe in yourself! 

Nice pink ribbon, and look it matches my fabric! The Goodiebox is 119Dkr pr month with delivery!

And will you look at that! Big sizes!

Decubal Ecological Face Cream
Decubal is a Scandinavian brand that has been sold on pharmacies for more than 30 years. I personally know the brand from a hand creme that I used for very dry skin, and it was always my favorite. I'm always exited about eco products and this is perfume and pharaben free! Its filled to the brim with nice stuff like apricot seed oil, almond oil and my all time favorite jojoba oil! 
Retail is 119,95Dkr

Decubal Ecological Body Cream
Moisturizing body cream, and like the face cream there is no perfume or parapens! The key ingredients is elder flower, and there is also almond oil in. Cant wait to use it!
Retail is 104,95Dkr

Jurlique Eye Makeup Remover
This is quite interesting. Jurlique is a firm trying to help the environment and woman's rights. They believe in bio dynamic beauty products with ingredients from their own bio dynamic farm in Australia. Basically it is the more elegant and a tad more expensive version of Yves Rocher

The tube is... Dull. It screams silent movie pharmacy. The toothpaste looking cap isn't helping the matter

I find it very interesting with the eye makeup remover in creme form. The box says to use it with a cotton ball and gently remove the makeup and then rinse or wipe off the excess creme. I like the ingredients in this Jojoba, sunflower and dandelion all chosen for their unique abilities. Jojoba hydrates and soothes sensitive skin, sunflower oil help the skin keep its elasticity and dandelion protects fragile skin. I'm looking forward to try this!
Retail is 195Dkr

BodyNordic lip gloss, Brown
Bodynordic is a brand I'm unfamiliar with so I googled and found their website. They are a danish company with danish production - and in these days local produced is a good thing! The tube is a normal glide on and its very smooth. I found none of the 17 EDC´s in the ingredients list. 

Its a nice brown with lots of sparkle but still subtle enough to use in a regular day. I think it will go great on top of a lipstick for a party. It is smooth and not sticky - I swear my lips are less dry just by trying it on!! (on a side note, check out how freckled I am! That's how you know its summer XD)
It retails for 99Dkr

Schwarzkopf Osis+ Session Extreme Hold Hairspray
A hairspray for extreme styles, the kind where your hair turns into hard plastic lol. I usually don't use extreme hold hairsprays (or hairspray at all) but I'm sure it will be fun at Halloween. Maybe experiment a little
It retails at 129Dkr

Depend Holographic Nail polish, Plum
Depend is a low price brand with seat in Sweden. They make some neat nail polishes!

Its pretty easy to put on, and 2-3 layers is enough. The color is really nice and the picture isn't doing it justice! 
Retail is 45Dkr

All in all - I am one impressed costumer! KUDOS Goodiebox, KUDOS! If you want to buy Goddiebox then go to their WEBSITE for further info :)

Fun fact of the day; Eyeliner was invented in ancient Egypt and used to protect the eyes from the desert sun as well as "evil eye" or sickness. Modern research has shown that the Egyptians eyeliner actually did have an effect protecting their eyes from infection.

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