Monday, July 16, 2012

ELF Haul

 ELF recently had a 50% off promotion, and I of course had to get me some goodies! I used the opportunity to purchase a few things I been unsure about and a birthday gift to a friend. I'm aware that e.l.f isn't exactly angels in the EDC department, but for a cheap brand that is cruelty free, I'm willing to compromise. ALSO when I say "EDC´s" I'm referring to the 17 that has proven to be harmful by danish EPA

E.L.F Primer Eyeshadow, Misty Mauve
This liquid eyeshadow works as a primer as well! You can use it as is, or under a regular eyeshadow, to achieve a new effect. The container is standard e.l.f, the White cap makes it seem a little discount like tough. It retails at 23,00Dkr 

The applicator is a standard one. The shadow is as easy to work with as their liquid eye shadows, you can build it up to show more color or keep it subtle. 

It is a nice purple/brown color with loads of shimmer. It is more purple irl.
It contains Methylparaben and Propylparaben.  Again, both preservatives. 

E.l.f Translucent Matte Powder
I'm running out of my old powder (Rimmel Stay Matte) and thought I might as well try a new one. I like the mirror in the case, the powder has no significant scent and seems to be very translucent- perfect! There doesn't seem to be any EDC´s in, Hooray! It retails for 34,50Dkr

E.l.f Cool Bronzer
A bronzer for those with pale skin. I am a bit weary about this since I'm porcelain toned but I am hoping to be able to use it to shape my face. Again no noteworthy scent and a nice little mirror. I like the blending option! No EDC´s. It retails for 34,50Dkr

I tried a blend on the left half of my hand (upwards on the pic), it seems subtle enough to use to contour!

E.l.f Cream Eyeshadow Palette
Neat little palette with 6 adorable and shiny creamy shadows. They are easily applied with a finger, and like all the other cream shadows I own from this brand, nicely pigmented and a breeze to work with. TIP! Use a powder on your eyelids before applying, that keeps the cream shadows from creasing. It retails at 34,50Dkr

I love how they put mirrors in everything! The colors are shimmery and almost like lip gloss.

Neat eh? It contains Methylparaben and Propylparaben which as mentioned above is preservatives (why TWO?) Beside that, there is mineral oil and paraffin in as well which is some good stuff! 

E.l.f Mineral Eye Liner, metallic purple
I'm long overdue for some colored eyeliners. I decided to play it safe and get my favorite color purple! I already got these eyeliners in black and brown and they are just awesome! It retails for 27,60Dkr

Its a really good dark purple, not to much drama but juuuust a little edge with the metallic. No EDC´s but plenty of oils and wax! I'm not kidding, the list of the different oils and wax used is long! The best part is the Jojoba oil, perfect for sensitive skin! 

E.l.f Flawless Finish Foundation, porcelain
Sometimes I get outbreaks that needs a little extra coverage, and the mineral powder foundation just don't do the job, so I'm going to try this out. It retails at 62,10Dkr

I'm a little insecure about the color but it seems to blend well on my hand. Fingers crossed! None of the 17 EDC´s in this.

E.l.f  3-palette On-The-Go compact
Extra cases to the 6 in 1 beauty palette since it only comes with one. So far I kept them in the cardboard box they arrived in, so its going to be nice to be able to bring more than one along! It can hold 3 palettes and one is removable. The retail is 55,20Dkr
E.l.f Eyeshadow Applicators and Mascara Wands
Used the opportunity to grab some basic tools. You can never have enough applicators (retail is 13,80Dkr) or wands (Retail 34,50Dkr). I use Mascara wands all the time, saves a clumpy mascara every time!

All in all I think I got some good stuff!

Fun fact of the day: During economic down times the top seller in beauty is LIPSTICK strongly followed by nail polish. The reason is that it is cheaper to treat yourself to a new lipstick than any other beauty product

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