Saturday, July 14, 2012

Body Shop Lily Cole, Puff on Radiance

You thought I was gone for good didn't ya. But I'm not- I'm right here! Sorry about the unscheduled hiatus, I should be back now. You know how it is when the real world gets in the way.

Any who, I been very lucky on Ebay and snatched myself some Lily Cole goodies for a fraction of the price (Saved 50% compared to the danish prices) and yesterday I received the Puff on Radiance!

The Body Shop Lily Cole Puff on Radiance
This is a nifty highlighter! The container is girly and I'm a fan of anything with a puff and in pearl form lol. I bought it off a private seller on Ebay for a winning bid of 6,50 GBP plus shipping

There is a little plastic holder between the puff and the pearls, very practical!

The puff itself is worthy of a princess

Look how pretty they are! Shimmer shimmer shimmer! They have no remarkable scent

I know this is a shitty picture but it was almost impossible to catch the subtle highlight with the camera. I had to put on a really thick layer and turn down the flash! The pearls are soft on the skin, I got no allergic reaction at all either. As allways I looked through the EDC´s and sadly this contains Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Methylparaben and Propylparaben. The most mindbogglingly about this is that all 4 of those are PRESERVATIVES! I mean seriously? You need four different preservatives? Ill make sure that when I use this, I wont have any other products with the EDC´s in (to mix EDC´s is the most risky). On the positive side, it does contain talc and seed oils.

All in all tough, a great purchase. Its cruelty free but got EDC´s. I guess you just cant have it all

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