Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Wishing Well

Introducing the Wednesday Wishing Well!

Every Wednesday ill blog about something I wish for. Something I cant buy right away or maybe ever, things that may be to expensive or to hard to get my hands on. And now presenting this weeks wish!

Escentric Molecules' Molecule 01

The Molecule 01 is a perfume unlike any other. The perfume melts with your natural pheromones and thus creates a unique fragrance! Everyone will smell different! The active ingredients ISO E Super, an aroma chemical. They claim that you most likely wont notice the scent yourself but everyone around you will - its like those pheromone sprays but according to the raging reviews this one actually works!
The travel size retails for 38£ on Cultbeauty but you can also buy the Refill for merely 27£ 

I am quite intrigued by the prospect of unique perfumes. In theory the scent should change with the pheromone levels, and that is quite amazing! The bottle is simple and plays on the geeky (01100101 is binary for E, referring to the chemical) and that pleases my inner geek! 

Fun fact of the day: Wet hair can stretch up to 50% without breaking 

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