Sunday, July 29, 2012

Linda-Marie - an inspiration

A 20 year old girl from Sweden recently did what most of us wish we where brave enough to do; She posted a picture on Facebook OF herself in a bikini. That sounds trivial, thousands of young people post bikini pictures during the summer, whats so special about this one?
Well Linda-Marie is not slim. She is plus sized. Chubby. Some may even call her fat. But she still posted the picture, she still shared her body in all its glory with the world and with the risk of being made fun off because of her size. 

And the world bend down and said "respect!" 

The picture got 10.000 likes in no time, got shared all over facebook and soon the media picked up. Not just the Swedish media, but The Sun brought the story of this inspiring girl and her brave picture. Now it has over 80.000 likes. Every single like is well deserved!

Linda-Marie is like all of us. She hated her body once. She been teased and put down because of it. She been on diets and suffered the same things as we all have, all us plus sized fabulous woman have. She is no different from us and that is why she is worth admiring. She´s not putting down slim people, she just asks that  we accept that not everyone is slim. That every body is beautiful. 
Today Linda-Marie love her body! Every single curve and every single soft love handle. She stopped fighting herself, she stopped hating herself. She fought a battle yes, but she changed the battlefield. It is no more a fight of hate but one of love and learning, learning to love one self. 

Linda-Marie is my new hero. She touched my heart string. I see in her a lot of myself, a lot of my own battles. She posted that picture for the same reasons I started this blog. She been trough the transition of learning to love her body just as I have. I still remember one year ago when I got some old pictures from my mom and I didn't recognize a girl on one of the photos. That girl was ME!

This girl

I recall when I first saw it. Two days after it was taken. I saw a fat ugly girl with pig eyes,  stupid smile with hamster teeth, pig nose and troll hair. I saw UGLY. That was all I saw.
Now? I see a beautiful slender young girl with a charming smile. The picture lied to me when I saw it the first time.

Now I look like this 
Older, bigger and with glasses.

 I AM actually fat now but I think I look amazing. I think I'm a very pretty fox. Sure I'm not exactly in the model category, my size is 52/54 but I really LIKE what i see now. I got days when I feel fat and ugly but they aren't everyday. Ironic isn't it. How I feel better about my body now than when I was skinny. 

Linda-Marie you are an inspiration! I salute you for your bravery, your wit and your amazing body!

You can check out Linda-Marie´s blog HERE

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