Monday, September 03, 2012

The black trap - how to get more color

I see many of my fellow plus sizes dress in black. All black. Not only that, but plus size brands tend to sell tons and tons of dark and loose clothes. Some only carry clothes that seem like - at least in my eyes - garbage bags. Loose, black and not flattering for anyone. My mom did it as well, and it horrified me every time she walked publicly in her black over sized shirts.
I get it. I get why black is the easy choice. Black makes you appear smaller, its a color you can hide in. Baggy clothes so no one can see your curves. But you know what? You might as well hold a big sign above your head saying "I'M FAT AND INSECURE"

Change is hard tough, so here's my two best advises on how to make your black wardrobe a little more color full :D

Colorful Bags
A bag is a great way to to add a splash of color without going to far. Its a way you can ease into using more colors in your style and key rings can add even more bling.

Jewelry is by far the easiest way to be more colorful. Big chunky statement necklaces also make you look slimmer and draws positive attention

Fun Fact of the Day: The first bra was two handkerchiefs tied together with ribbon

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