Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sign up for Decubal+ and get free samples!

Decubal is an awesome brand, and their new eco line is just my kind of thing.I love perfume and paraben free products, and Decubal got the experience to make excellent products. I spoke about some Decubal products I got in my July Goodiebox and due to that Decubal had a questionnaire to the members, one of which mentioned their club.

Decubal Plus is a costumers club where you can get up to date with Decubal events, advice about which products to use and best of all: Free samples! I got 3 possible choices (face, body, eco) and they emailed me a coupon I could bring to the pharmacy and receive a free sample pack. As I understand you can order another kind when you given feedback.

Often they also have contests or seek users to test new products, and you can collect points from purchasing Decubal products to use in their point shop! Sign up HERE

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