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August Goodiebox

Goodiebox is the Danish equivalent of Glossybox and Birchbox.

It seems they had some troubles with delivery as I didn't receive my box till Tuesday. I am still not going to recommend signing up for this just yet, as I am less than pleased with the way they treat other costumers. I haven't had any issue myself, but I'm aware of several very unprofessional responses via their Facebook.

Regardless, they seem to try and straighten things out, so I'm holding on a bit more. On a related note, I signed up for MyBeautyBox which is a cosmetic focused box! They already made promise of Urban Decay in the first box! I will of course review them when I get the box (shipped October 15th).
And now to this months - or rather last months ;) - Beauty box!

Pink band again - I do love pink <3

This weeks box is dedicated to Vidal Sassoon, the man who in 1960 invented "The Wedge Bob" and changed the way we saw woman's hair forever! He´s the grandfather of the modern short styles with his vision of hair that was easy to style and keep. Most of the products this month is all about the hair!

Loreal Texture Experts Smooth Ultime
I'm not exactly sure what this is... Goodiebox calls it a "Hair Tamer" but I haven't got a clue what that means. Contains Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate and Methylparaben both EDC´s so I doubt ill be using it.
Full size retail is 192Dkr

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum
John Frieda is the stars go-to hair expert, and rumor has it that his products are amazing. Upon inspection tough it turned up that they have several EDC´s in them including Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate Probylparaben and  Methylparaben  but ther´es some good stuff to like Glycerin, olive oil and mineral oil. 
Full size retail is 89Dkr

Davines Absolute Beautyfying Potion
The product I'm most exited about this time!! It is a hair oil, and im looking very much forward to use it! Sadly, again parabens :( Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, which is an UV filter. 
Full size retail is 300Dkr

Milk_Shake Whipped Cream, Leave in Conditioner
I love quirky stuff and this whipped cream conditioner tickles my funny bone :D It smells like caramel whipped cream, UMM I say! I couldn't spot any parabens on the label yay! It contains sunflower seed oil and milk protein! And we all know that Cleopatra bathed in milk to keep her beauty 
Full size retail is 159Dkr

Futura Silica
A diet supplement to hair and nails. I'm pretty iffy about this one. I know that many people are unaware of the consequences it can have to mix drugstore pills with medicine, and I cant really see the purpose of a diet supplement in a beauty box...
Retail is 79,95Dkr

Cacharel Catch Me Perfume
Booo :( As a perfume allergic I cant test this. I'm putting it in my "give away" box

Look how pretty that bottle is on the pic! Curse my allergies

Gosh Light´N Shine Lip Glaze, Pick Me
This is really a treat! Full size and limited edition; can one ask for more?

It got a mirror on the side - very clever!

and light in the top!

The applicator is a brush. Not very innovative but it suits the texture of the gloss. It is VERY sticky! The scent and taste make me think of candy apples, and the texture; Syrup. I WANT to love it but I have a hard time with sticky gloss.
I couldn't find the ingredients list, if anyone knows where to find it let me know!

The color is a dark plum with a hint of red. Like red wine (or candy apples).The shine is so intense,  a real eye catcher! 
Retail is 99Dkr

And as a goodbye, a pic of me I took trying to get a good picture of the gloss - sexy pout yeah! 

Fun fact of the Day: Hair is made of keratin, same as your nails!

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