Friday, May 04, 2012

April Goodiebox

Goodiebox is the danish equivalent to Glossybox and Birchbox
EDC means Endoctrine disrupting chemicals. Group 1 is the 17 EDC who is proven to be harmful to humans and the environment.

I awaited this box impatiently, as I was unsure if I would renew my subscription or not. I can confidently say that I WILL, as its just amazing and its clear that Goodiebox have taken the critique seriously and toned down the hype. 

This box is inspired by Coco Chanel and her famous quote "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance" and apparently danish woman has taken this to heart; The most part of the beauty budget of danish woman is used on basic products for the hair and skin and as any makeup artist will tell you, a skin well cared for is the best basis of beautiful makeup. 
And honestly, who doesn't feel more beautiful when you used a good body butter or brushing your hair after using a hair treatment? 

Nice, white and black as always. Elegance is a must!

And time to remove the silk paper

Here's the goodies!

Urtekram Nordic Birch Shampoo, normal hair
Urtekram is a danish vegan brand who prides themselves in using organic and ecological ingredients, where most of them is grown right here in Denmark! The shampoo is filled with neat ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera and extract from birch leafs. There is no EDC´s from list 1 in it! I find that the pump is very clever and I'm looking forward to try it out

Derma Eco 24H creme, Normal/combined skin
Derma eco is another ecological brand. This one got the swan mark (A Nordic label given to products that meets the strict criteria of environmental friendly produce as well as to allergens in the product) as well as certified by the Asthma and Allergy union, who helps people with allergies use the best products. As the name suggest many of the ingredients is ecological - 20% to be exact.  Like any creme with respect for itself it has sheabutter and aloe vera but also glycerine and Olea Europaea Fruit Oil. The ingredients list is actually very short which is always a good thing. No EDC´s or perfume in either

MaxFactor ageless elixir
Foundation and serum in one. I doubt ill try this, as its to dark for me (I'm ivory skinned). I like the idea tough of nutritious foundation. However, Max Factor is really bad when it comes to EDC´s and I was not surprised to find that this product contains EthylparabenPropylparabenMethylparabenEthylhexyl, and Cyclotetrasiloxane all of which is in group 1! You DO NOT want this on your skin, no way no how.

Dr. Hauschka Body Care Kit
This got me so exited! The box is cool and I only heard good things about this brand! I must admit that I didn't search every single thing in this box for EDC´s but I looked through the ingredients lists and checked anything that sounded EDC like. It doesn't seem like there is any and that is great news! I will let you know when I get to check all of them, in case I find any. A little warning tough, a lot of these products contain PEANUT OIL, so beware if you have allergies

Included in the set, in neat travel sizes Quince Body Moisturizer, Rose Body Moisturizer, Rose Body Oil, Lemon Lemongrass Body Oil, Hand Cream, Rose Body Wash, Lemon Body Wash, and Lemon Bath

All in all I'm more than pleased with this box, and be sure that ill purchase the May box as well! If you re danish and like to subscribe to Goodiebox, then visit their website Goodiebox

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