Saturday, April 21, 2012

Goodiebox March part 2

And here's a little update as to my experience with the products :)

Pukka Raidance Serum
It got a strong scent of... Herbs? It kinda remind me of my stinging nettle shampoo. The serum is quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves it very smooth. I wouldn't use it during daytime due to the scent, but its perfect for use at night under your night cream 

Aco sense & care hand creme
Very thick texture, absorbed fast and leaves hands smooth. Its not an amazing hand creme, but its fine for hands with need of a little extra moisture

Pukka tea - "Harmonise" and "Cleance"
Its pretty good tea, especially cleanse. I'm a sucker for green teas with peppermint

Blax Hair elastics
Best-elastic-bands-ever! I cant believe how good they are! They keep my thick hair gathered without the tight-bun look, they don't slip down easily but when you need to take them out, they slide off without hassle! I need more of these!

Kevin Murphy Luxury Wash
Contrary to what I thought, this is VERY thick! The texture reminded me of well made caramel sauce, thick, sticky and shiny. There was enough for 2 washes in this! It creates loads of foam instantly which makes it a breeze to work with. There my praise ends tough. To my deep disappointment, the shampoo didn't do anything but make my hair clean. My hair had no extra volume, smoothness, shine or anything after use. It did nothing, neither good or bad

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