Thursday, March 01, 2012

Upcicling Goodiebox

Its a waste just to throw a sturdy box out, instead I made it into a pretty makeup storage.

You need your Goodiebox, glue and silver paper for crafts.

In retrospect I should have glued the silver on first, then the black.

Step one
Take your Goodiebox and empty it. Keep the materials close

Step two
Glue the bottom and sides throughout, remember to make sure that the edges are well glued

Step 3
Glue the silkpaper to the inside. Be carefull it so doesnt rip

Step four
Cut off the extra paper. Use it to cover any rips you may have made.

Now you should have something like this: 

Step five
Get your glue, brush and silverpaper

Start with the edges. Use the glue and brush to bend the silkpaper so you get a smooth edge to apply the silver to

Step six
Keep going till you covered all edges, then start on the sides.If you want the same finish as me, then apply the silverleafs loosely and use the brush a bit harsher so the silver rips. If not, then apply carefully with soft strokes

Step seven
Put the logo on the side. Take 3-4 strands of the shredded paper and stretch them. Glue carefully to the sides evenly.

And now you got yourself a pretty storage for your makeup :)

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