Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Models Own Haul

Yes yes I know. I'm way late! Still I´d like to show off my haul from Models Own´s half price sale! I spend a mere 27£ including postage. Pretty good price for that much eh? The first pic is my own, the rest is borrowed from the Models Own website (including swatches! However I recommend that you check out the bloggers who generously shared their pics and show them support by looking up their websites)
Since these people allowed for Models Own to showcase the pictures, I assume it is alright to show. If any of the bloggers and tweeters behind the swatches want me to remove the pictures, just hit the "about me" and contact me via the info there or leave a comment :)

My Haul - the 5 pc brush set and blending sponges:

Beetlejuice Indian Ocean
Photo from HELLCANDY

Beetlejuice Purple Blue

Thunder and Lightning
Twitter photo from NYSD82

I also bought the Beetlejuice Mini set, which included: 

Beetlejuice Pinky Brown

Beetlejuice Golden Green

Beetlejuice Pink Cocktail
Twitter photo from iCLAIRELOVES

Christmas fact of the day: The Christmas tree as we know it originated in Germany and  the tradition spread through out Europe in the 18th century

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