Monday, December 03, 2012

November Goodiebox

There will be no or limited swatches for a while. Due to the weather and season, I cannot take a prober picture. Out lights are the kind that gives out an orange light which kinda screws up the pictures. Until I get my hands on a lamp with "natural" light, I cant swatch.
Goodiebox is a danish equivalent of Glossybox and Birchbox.

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noel! Glædelig Jul! Hyvaa joulua! Bo Nada! Kala Christouyenn! Mele Kalikimaka! Froehliche Weihnachten! Bon Pasco! 
Its Christmas! YAY! Yuletide for all! And what better way to start the season than with a present for yourself?
The theme of this box is "Beauty Tips"

So any things! Yay! 

Nivea Repair & Care SOS Bodylotion
Nivea is a brand most people know and love. The blue can of Nivea has been a remedy for woman for decades, used by our mothers and grandmothers. This creme is to very dry skin with need for extra moisture and care. Perfect for when your skin feels like sandpaper after a walk! As it is the case for most skin remedies, it contains Methylparaben and Ethylparaben 
Retail is 49,95Dkr

Goldwell Dualsenses Color Shampoo
A shampoo dedicated to keeping your colored hair intense and soft. Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate which is an UV filter. It is especially good for fine hair.
Retail is 119Dkr, Get it HERE

Madara Time Miracle Day Cream Anti Age
I am unfamiliar with this brand, but according to the website it is a ecological, paraben and cruelty free brand. This anti age cream contains tons of natural ingredients like sea thorn, red clover and birch. 
Retail is 299Dkr, get it HERE

Madara Deep Moisture Fluid
Deep moisturising day cream, Eco and cruelty free! Helps the skin recover from imbalance. Perfect for combined skin! Rose, avocado, raspberry - all good ingredients to nourish your skin. I cant wait to test this!
Retail is 226Dkr get it HERE

Madara Delicate Cleansing Milk
A soft and calming cleanser, that removes any dirt in your skin gently. This makes it especially good to use on sensitive skin or around the eyes. 
Retail 144Dkr get it HERE

Matas Volume Powder
Hair powder to help with volume. Not much to say about this one, I never used hair powder before but I'm looking forward to try it out. It is without perfume so that's a plus!
Retail is 59,95Dkr, get it HERE

Lóreal Proffessionel Abondance De Cacao Masque
Wohoo! I LOVE chocolate, and I loved the shampoo I got in a previous Goodiebox and I'm sure ill love this to! Seriously folks, cacao is like THE ingredients, antioxidant and anti depressive. Cacao is the food of the gods! Parabenfree and again with the rough bottle that somehow seems natural despite being plastic. 
Retail is 162Dkr, get it HERE

Fredsted Chai Latte
Fredsted is my favorite tea brand for one reason: They make my preferred Christmas tea A spicy and a green tea Chai which is a big trend (only surpassed by bubble tea) but it never really got my attention. I like my tea bitter so the idea of a milky tea never done it for me. I think ill give this to a friend. Again... I don't like tea´s or chocolate or stuff like that in my box. I really don't. 
Retail is 34,95Dkr, in your local supermarket

If you want to join Goddiebox, do it HERE for only 119Dkr a month 

Christmas Fun Fact:  Many of the elements in modern Christmas comes from the heathen traditions of Yule, like the Holly that was a symbol of fertility and even the burning of fir was a part of the old rituals surrounding winter solstice


  1. Jeg har fulgt din blog i et par måneder nu og tænkte, at jeg ville smide en kommentar.
    Jeg abonnerer ikke længere på Goodiebox selv, men jeg kan stadig godt lide at se, hvad der er i dem :)

    1. Jeg har selv været på falderebet nogle gange, men ind til videre hænger jeg på. Nu blir det spændende med Lux box. Tak for din kommentar, det er altid dejligt :D