Thursday, December 06, 2012

Diego Dalla Palma Snow White kit

I recently got a great deal with Groupon for a Diego Dalla Palma Snow White & The Huntsman Make Up Kit. I was not a fan of the movie but this set was to pretty to stand up - and for only 14,99£ who could resist? I got a soft spot for Snow White related makeup because several people have been comparing me to a (fatter XD ) version of Marge Champion, the model and dancer behind Disney´s Snow White!

Pretty no?

It contains 3 shimmer and 3 matte eye shadows. They are very soft and pigmented! There is also a velvety red lipstick and a very pointy eyeliner. It is really worth the money people!
Retail is 25£, get it HERE (ships worldwide)

Christmas fun fact of the day: In Denmark we decorate with danish flags on the tree. This tradition started during WW2 when the Germans outlawed flying our flag, so we showed our nationalism by decorating with it instead

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