Thursday, December 06, 2012

On the sixth day of Christmas

My true love gave to me
A bronze multi eyeliner/mascara!
HOT Multi Eyeliner Mascara, Bronze
Mascara wand with an eyeliner tip? Now that's clever! I usually don't use liquid eyeliner but there is a first time for everything!
Retail is 49Dkr, get it HERE

Christmas Fun Fact: The tradition of hanging stockings comes from the tale of Saint Nicholas, the predecessor of Santa Claus and Catholic Saint, in one which three sisters asked the Bishop guidance as they where to poor to afford a wedding dowry and thus faced prostitution. Nicholas advised them to pray, which they did.  In the night he sneaked down the chimney and put gold coins into the sisters socks thus saving them

There will be no or limited swatches for a while. Due to the weather and season, I cannot take a prober picture. Out lights are the kind that gives out an orange light which kinda screws up the pictures. Until I get my hands on a lamp with "natural" light, I cant swatch.

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