Friday, December 07, 2012

Gifts under 300

Time is drawing closer and the clock is ticking. If you want to have your sanity intact I suggest you get the gifts done within the next week, otherwise it ll get stressy. He´res my suggestions for gifts under 300Dkr

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Christmas Fun Fact of the Day: In Scandinavia children will often put out a rice pudding with cinnamon to the Gnomes (a kind of Christmas elf's) in order to make the gnomes happy. Since the viking age it was believed that Gnomes would bring good luck or bad fortune depending on their mood, thus the pudding is a sort of gift in exchange for good tidings
There will be no or limited swatches for a while. Due to the weather and season, I cannot take a prober picture. Out lights are the kind that gives out an orange light which kinda screws up the pictures. Until I get my hands on a lamp with "natural" light, I cant swatch.

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