Monday, December 17, 2012

Luxe Box #1

!!!!! Luxe Box is no longer in buisness, så you cannot subscribe to a box !!!!

Luxe box is the newest beauty box on the scene in Denmark and with a price as 199Dkr, I was very curious about this. The send out special edition box showed both a "meh" and a "holy cow that's awesome!" box. Today the wait was over and I received my box. I apologize for not getting into EDC´s and such this time around - I'm to stressed! Too much to do and not enough December to do it in

Pretty box is pretty

That's an awfully lot of shredded paper

Ole Henriksen, Pick me up Face Tonic
Ole Henriksen is Hollywood's skincare guru and all tough I never tried his products (I'm poor) I know that he got a very good reputation. I am usually not a fan of toner unless you got big pores or oily skin. I find that toner dries out the skin, - but rumor has it that this one actually hydrates! 
Full size retail is 279Dkr, this size however is on Nicehair for 29Dkr
Large size HERE
Small size HERE

John Masters Organics, Blood orange and Vanilla Body Milk
Famous for the mix of eco and aroma therapy, JMO is a brand I like a lot. Simple and with essential oils to make your beauty routine pure indulgence. The mix of the sweet and sensual vanilla with the fresh citrus blood orange intrigues me
Full size retails at 239Dkr but the small can be bough for 19Dkr
Large size HERE
Small size HERE

Bodynordic, Lovely Summer Body Oil Lotion
Body oil and body lotion meet at last! BodyNordic is a brand I like. Locally produced, marketed and with simple ingredients for a good price. Doesn't get better than that. 
Large size retails at 49Dkr but you can get this size for 19dkr
Large size HERE
Small size HERE

Korres, Guava Shower Gel
I am not familiar with Korres but I noticed the brand on some blogs. This gel is good for sensitive skin I'm told.
Full size retail is 95Dkr, get it HERE

Biosilk, Silk Therapy
Since I already got this, ill just copy paste: Leave in hair treatment, supposed to give new life to the hair and make it silky soft! Honestly, I couldn't resist the idea of a silk based treatment! Sadly it contains Methylparaben and Propylparaben 
Full size retail is 188Dkr but this size can be bought for 39Dkr
Large size HERE
Small size HERE

Liquirice by Johan Bulow
This really pissed me off. There is ONE piece in this. One. One piece

All ind all I am NOT happy. I feel ripped off and lied to. The value is nowhere near 199Dkr! The card puts the retail price insanely high (like it says 648Dkr for the biosilk full size). The one piece of liquorice is just rubbing it in. I am tempted to cancel right away. I could get a lot for 199Dkr on my own.


  1. Sikke nogle lækre ting :)

    Har en lille giveaway, hvis du er interesseret:

  2. Det var da ellers nok nogle fine ting. Det er bare lidt ærgeligt, at de ikke er prisen af boxen værd :(

    Har du set, at LuxeBox lukker? Jeg var ellers lige ved at overveje at tilmelde mig.

    1. Ja tingene er såmænd fine nok og var de i Goodiebox for eksempel ville jeg være ganske tilfreds. Så godt de lukkede, var lige på vej ind for at opdatere bloggen :)