Thursday, August 09, 2012

Wednesday Wishing Well

OOOPS Im late! Im sorry Fabs, been bizzy the past week preparing for my birthday this sunday.

 And now presenting this weeks wish!  

Samsung Galaxy Note
This is an amazing phone! It is basically a Galaxy S2 (the big competition to Iphone) just bigger! Its a small tablet in many ways, even got a stylus. Like the name suggest this is a phone to use in a new way - as a digital notebook! You can draw, you can write notes, you can save parts of websites and save in the 
S memo. Build in is the S Planner, a complex digital calendar that in many ways resemble the daily planners you know from school. The screen is Super Amoled, Samsungs award winning screen with 1280 X 800 pixels! It also got a camera with 8mp, with glass cover so you dont have to worry about scratches. It gives you multiple choices for keyboard (qwerty, Swype, T9) so it should suit any ones taste. This phone is more than a phone and I love the idea!
Retail is 3.999Dkr

Fun fact of the Day: During WW2, the nurses was obligated to wear lipstick to remind them that they where ladies first, military second. It was also supposed to have a calming effect on the injured soldiers

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