Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEE!

Today is the day where it is a quarter century since I said hello to the world for the first time! Some fun facts about my Birthday:

The Date:
  • The sewing machine is patented
  • Hitler´s mother was born
  • Cleopatra VII commits suicide
  • Asaph Hall discovers Deimos - one of the moons of Mars
  • The first successful communications satellite is launched
  • The treaty of peace between Japan and China is signed
  • The IBM personal computer is released

And to the gifts (few as they where but eh :D):

Frellsen´s chocolate heart


 Snow White picture on Canvas

Game of Thrones, George R.R Martin book 
Woohooo! I love the tv series! I bet ill love the books even more!

I also got a gift certificate to Igigi and E.l.f as well as some very romantic letters from my Hubby (so sweet it made me throw up from both my fresh and saltwater stomach!) and promise of a back rub and a dinner with a movie :D

Fun fact of the Day: Cleopatra bathed in milk to keep her skin smooth and hydrated

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