Friday, August 17, 2012

Nicehair Haul

I decided it was time to try out a new website and get myself some cheap and neat treats for my hair! What I love about Nicehair is their bargain categories and deal of the day. The bargains are always 19Dkr, 39Dkr, 59Dkr, 79Dkr, and 99Dkr! They offer a big variety of hair products as well as makeup from the big brands and the discount ones as well and they always got a good deal on. If you buy for 500Dkr shipping is free (within Denmark). They use GLS and Post Danmark, personally I choose GLS and got it delivered to a package shop. It only took one full day before I got a mail saying my package had arrived!

Head Jog 201 Cutting Comb, Pink
I been needing a new comb for a while and jumped to the opportunity to get one for a mere 19Dkr. 
Retail is 29Dkr 

 Blax hair elastics, Black
I got some of these in the March Goodiebox, and they are without a doubt the very best elastic bands I ever had! Like they promise, no snag and they can hold even my wild and thick hair! Best part is that the bands can be stretched to your personal preference - you just gotta get over the fear of snapping them ;)
Retail is 69Dkr, I paid 49Dkr

EOS Lip Balm, Honeysuckle Honeydew

I read about EOS lip balms and I seen them in various tabloids in the hands of celebrities, and I have wondered what all the hype was about. I mean it is just a round lip balm? I stand corrected; The balm is harder than normal lip balm (I though it was covered in a plastic cap at first) but smooth and easy to apply. You can either "suck" it (make kissy mouth and turn the balm) or apply as you would any lip stick. It got a good grip, and you don't risk having it slide from you fingers and the container is sturdy enough to survive the depts of a handbag. The scent is pleasant and the taste is very very mild. You wont lick your lips to taste it but you wont make a face if you do either. The lip balm is 95% organic, paraben free and sports my favorite skin ingredients; Jojoba oil and shea butter!
Retail is 80Dkr, I paid 69Dkr 

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo
Aussie is an Australian brand of haircare products wich focus on the many local ingredients, in this case macadamia nuts. The bottle is a bit like an old pharmacy in a good way, and the label did make me smile:
For hair that's dry/damaged/a bit unhappy
Its a miracle (well kind of). Not like child birth or a solar eclipse, but our formula with Australian macadamia nut oil infuses moisture into dry, damaged hair helping to condition and smooth"
I love a little irony and humor in marketing especially when they can poke fun of themselves. I didn't notice any of the 17 EDC´s, but I know that Aussie do tend to have parabens in their products.
Retail 99,95Dkr,  I paid 49Dkr

Indola Volume Conditioning Spritz

Leave in conditioner spray, to add volume. The cool thing about this is that there is sea salts and minerals in it and we all know how amazing hair looks after a day on the beach! I'm not familiar with the brand tough. I couldn't spot any of the 17 EDC´s
Retail is 129Dkr, I paid 19Dkr

Biosilk Silk Therapy

Leave in hair treatment, supposed to give new life to the hair and make it silky soft! Honestly, I couldn't resist the idea of a silk based treatment! Sadly it contains Methylparaben and Propylparaben which is on the EU list of EDC´s. On the plus side, it is very little you use at a time and only in the hair.
Retail is 74Dkr, I paid 39Dkr

Osis+ Magic
Shine spray with silicone and glycerin to give the hair some extra shine!
Retail is 149Dkr, I paid 59Dkr

TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier

A fiber like hair creme to be crumpled into the hair to give beautiful curls. Tigi Catwalk is PARABEN FREE! How awesome is that? I cant wait to use this on my natural curls! I love the bottle, very chic!
Retail is 179Dkr, I paid 99Dkr

Batiste Dry Shampoo, Sweet & Spirited Boho

The famous dry shampoo from UK, in a fruity smell version. The bottle is screaming summer! The idea with this is to spray it in your hair, let it work and then brush it out. It will absorb excess oils and freshen up your hair - perfect for camping trips or if your hair (like mine) tend to seem greasy rather quick. There don't appear to be any of the 17 EDC´s in it.
Retail is 75Dkr, I paid 39Dkr

And for some reason there was a small bag of gummy bears in the package XD

Fun fact of the Day: The first hair perm required the costumer to sit still for 6 hours with as much as a total of 2Lbs of curlers in her hair!

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