Friday, October 19, 2012

My Beauty Box

I signed up for the new beauty box to compete with Goodiebox because of the promise of more makeup and brands like Stila and Urban Decay. I was NOT disappointed! Bear in mind that MBB intend to sell the products in their own web shop (opening next week) so that is why there is no retail price or link to purchase. If you want to sign up you can do it HERE for only 129 a month

Pink. It is PINK! How fucking cute is this!?? 

Black box, very sturdy and very elegant. This is going to be reused!

Pink silk paper! So awesome! The theme of this box is "Everyday Glam"

Sally Hansen Soothing Hand Scrub
Part one of the "Two-Step Renewal System for Hands". The system got a lot of neat things in it like olive oil, almond oil and keratin. Use the scrub first to remove dry skin and culitles

Sally Hansen Brightening & Firming Hand Cream
Part 2 of  "Two-Step Renewal System for Hands". This smells like coconut! Mmmm coconut! Apply after scrub to add moisture. The cream got UV factor 20, so it also protects from the sun - clever!

Urban Decay Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint, Indecent
I love Urban Decay. The purple theme, the urban look. Not to mention they are behind the famous Naked palette!

Mirror is always a nice touch. The color is peachy in the J-Lo way. It contains vitamin E, C and A so your skin gets nurtured while you look fab! It is very creamy, easy to apply and it takes nothing more than a finger to use

With flash - it got a nice subtle highlight

Without flash - this color will work for most as it is easy to build up to stronger color depending on your skin tone

W7 Mega Matte Lips
I THINK this in the color coral but I'm not sure. This product isn't quite  a gloss and not quite a liquid lipstick. It´s smoother than liquid lipstick and a lot more pigmented than gloss. It glides on easy but I recommend using a lip brush to smooth it out


Stila Glaze Lip Liner, Melon
Stila is a great brand in my opinion. This liner is no exception, the color is lush and easy to apply

Nothing exceptional about the design but it do what its suppose to and it do it well

Pro-tip: Color your entire lip with liner and dap powder on them before applying lip stick. It helps the lipstick last longer

Fun Fact of the Day:  Redheads on average has around 90.000 hair strands while dark hair can have as many as 110.000. Those with most hair is blonde's with a whopping 140.000

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