Monday, October 01, 2012

Breast Cancer awareness Month!

Its that time of year again where we support our sisters who suffered from cancer. An added bonus is the tons of great products supporting! Ill make a special page to put all the cancer related stuff, so you don't have to look to find it, as well as blog posts.

First, Kræftens Bekæmpelse is having "Lyserød Lørdag" (Pink Saturday) on October 6th. Make sure to check your local newspaper for events! 

Kræftens Bekæmpelse was founded in 1928, but got roots in the 1904 "Ordinary Danish Doctor Association Cancer Committee" and the related Radium foundation that gathered money so they could make radium stations for cancer patients to be treated.  KB does not only fight to treat cancer and spread awareness but is also deep in the scientific field. Since 1949 an institute for cancer research has been located in Copenhagen. The institute is considered among the worlds finest and is home to one of the largest collection of cell material in the world. It was also this institute that finally found a vaccine for cervical cancer (the one caused by virus), the so called HPV vaccine. 

As all ways several stores is supporting the cause by offering special pink merchandise. Today ill show some of my favorites from Kræftens Bekæmpelse´s webshop 

Crossover bag
Small and practical - not to mention cute - bag with two front pockets. The material got a leather look and the inside is pink
Retail is 139Dkr

Cotton Scarf in Pink
Adorable wool scarf, sure to be a hit int he fall
Retail is 99Dkr

Cosmetic bag
It is pink, what else to say? I love cosmetic bags with some flashy color!
Retail is 149Dkr

Bracelet pack
Feminine but a little rough. Me like!
Retail is 140dkr

Wing Earrings
Black metal with simile. Again some roughness which I really like
Retail is 89Dkr

Embroided pillowcases
Cotton, and super cute vintage like embroidery! I would love to have these on my couch. The price is for both
Retail is 149dkr

Fun Fact of the Day: Maybelinne is named after the founder´s sister Mabel Williams

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